Before 2018

Sector: investment funds
Project: representing the Client in administrative court proceedings before the Voivodship Administrative Court and the Supreme Administrative Court (also in connection with the work on the response to the cassation appeal of the FSA); in the first-instance proceedings, the Voivodship Administrative Court overturned the FSA’s decision revoking the authorisation to carry out activities consisting in the creation and management of investment funds, imposing a fine on the client

Sector: telecommunications
Project: acquisition of an organised part of an enterprise (OPE) consisting of authorised sales outlets forming part of the sales network of the seller – one of the agents of the telecommunications network
Actions: due diligence, drafting of transaction documentation, negotiations, participation in closing of transaction

Sector: food
Project: the disposal of an organised part of an enterprise (OPE), consisting of a coffee factory, together with an undertaking by the buyer to continue production for the seller of the OPE
Actions: drafting of transaction documentation, negotiations, participation in closing the transaction, representation of the client before the Land and Mortgage Registry Court (including in proceedings to dismiss the amendment application)

Project: the firm’s lawyers supported clients from all over Poland in conducting Annual General Meetings and Shareholders’ Meetings, including in particular acting on the basis of the new regulations introduced after the Covid epidemic; the support included, in particular, acting as chairman of these meetings

Project: Dr. Jędrzej Jakubowicz on 24 September 2020 participated in the scientific conference “One hundred years of Polish commercial law”, which included the presentation of a Jubilee Book prepared on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of his scientific work to Professor Dr. Andrzej Kidyba. One of the chapters is authored by Prof. Krystian Ziemski and Dr. Jędrzej Jakubowicz and is titled “Influence of administrative-legal regulations relating to singular succession on the legal consequences in terms of universal administrative-legal succession on the example of succession defined in the Code of Commercial Companies”.

Sector: beer manufacturer
Project: advising on the purchase of bonds
Actions: assessment of transaction risks, preparation of transaction documentation, negotiations, participation in closing of transaction

Project: acquisition of shares forming part of the estate and at a time when the heirs are in dispute
Actions: preparation of a legal opinion describing the risks and a course of action to mitigate them

Sector: IT
Project: conclusion by the client of a body leasing agreement regulating the division of responsibilities between the parties, acquisition of copyrights by a party to the agreement who is not the employer
Actions: assessment of the risks involved in concluding an agreement, structuring the content of the agreement, negotiations

Project: corporate disputes relating to:

  • the merger of two joint-stock companies, which was expected to lead to synergies but led to a conflict,
  • claims of a minority shareholder following dilution of its shareholding,
  • eliminating a minority shareholder from the management board, in breach of a previously concluded shareholders’ agreement

Actions: representation of clients at shareholders’ meetings and general meetings and in court cases initiated to defend clients’ rights