Before 2018
  • we advised on numerous transactions involving sales networks: pharmacies, telecommunication services, IT services, food products
  • we have advised on numerous transactions involving operations on intangible assets, including those related to running websites,
  • we advised foreign funds on investments in Polish companies,
  • we carried out transactions on shares and stocks, including in the case of risk-bearing entities,
  • we helped large corporations take over other entities,
  • we helped find financing,
  • we have carried out numerous capital transformations, including those combined with complex analyzes based on administrative and tax law,
  • we conducted succession in family businesses,
  • we supported divorces of partners, both those based on agreements and those based on conflict,
  • we have conducted IT trainings many times,
  • we participated in the creation of JV companies intended for the implementation of important projects in Warsaw and Poznań,
  • we advised a fund with capital from public Polish and foreign entities,
  • we have participated in corporate disputes, including in: an IT company, a chain of pharmacies, a transport company, a construction company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, a beer producer, an e-commerce entrepreneur selling luxury brands,
  • we negotiated several hundred lease agreements in shopping centers for their potential anchors,
  • we have participated in several dozen transactions combined with due diligence studies,
  • we have participated in numerous disputes of significant value and complexity,
  • advised on numerous projects related to transmission installations, including in connection with the use of collateral, including guarantees based on foreign jurisdictions,
  • we have prepared numerous analyzes of payment instruments,
  • we prepared an opinion on the legal aspects of the functioning of the first online currency exchange office in Poland.