Supervisory boards
  • we carry out all types of transactions, including as an action to end a corporate war;
  • we act on the side of both buyers (buy-side) and sellers (sell-side);
  • we draft, negotiate and review purchase agreements (SPAs) for all types of financial instruments, including in particular stock, shares and bonds;
  • we advise on both private and public market transactions;
  • our support relates also to transactions involving an enterprise or its organised parts (OPE) as well as individual assets (asset deals), including extensive experience in real estate transactions and transactions involving intangible assets (IP, know-how);
  • we organise groups of companies, including international groups:
    • we draft statutes, articles of association, by-laws of company bodies, resolutions, including resolutions to participate in groups of companies,
    • we draft investment and shareholders’ agreements and arrangements,
    • we draft policies and methods of operation of groups of companies with regard to both the corporate aspect and, in particular, the business aspect,
    • we assist with the fulfilment of regulatory obligations, including the implementation of solutions relating to personal data protection (GDPR) and anti-money laundering (AML).
  • we develop a succession plan (the so-called changing of the guard) in family businesses and carry it out;
  • we prepare entities for mass transactions; we organise commercial networks – agency, representative, distribution, partner;
  • we carry out mergers, divisions and transformations of companies, including cross-border processes;
  • we also do not run away from processes of establishing and liquidation of companies.