Supervisory boards

We have experience in:

corporate disputes concerning:

  • challenging resolutions of the Shareholders’ Meetings and the General Meetings;
  • exclusion of a shareholder or dissolution of the company;
  • disputes between shareholders;
  • enforcement of claims relating to corporate relationships (priority right, pre-emption right, call and put options, drag along and tag along clauses)
  • deprivation of a shareholder’s voting rights;
  • enforcement of claims against members of the management board for liabilities of the company and defence against them;
  • enforcement of claims against members of the company’s bodies in respect of their functions;
  • proceedings for breach of non-compete by shareholders, members of bodies;
  • compulsory buy-out of shares;
  • advice on attempts at hostile takeovers of companies, including public companies;

proceedings against banks:

  • invalidating agreements denominated and indexed to a foreign currency;
  • eliminating prohibited clauses from agreements;
  • disputes over so-called remuneration for the use of capital;

real estate disputes regarding:

  • development activities;
  • regulation of the legal status of real estate, including reconciliation of the land register with the actual legal status;
  • execution of preliminary and final agreements;
  • making substitute declarations of intent;
  • rights under investment and construction agreements;
  • leases and rental agreements;
  • the abolition of co-ownership, usucaption;
  • surrender of immovable property or cessation of trespass;
  • cases concerning expropriation and payment of compensation;

intellectual property proceedings:

  • copyright infringement;
  • combating unfair competition;
  • protection of personal rights;
  • infringements of intellectual property rights on the Internet;

debt collection:

  • recovery of debts owed by entrepreneurs;
  • recovery of debts from persons managing limited liability companies;
  • handling cases under the Actio Pauliana (recognition of an act as ineffective against a creditor);

administrative proceedings and administrative court proceedings, including in relation to administrative fines arising from:

  • GDPR;
  • the Act on Public Offering;
  • the Act on Trading in Financial Instruments.

In our cases we act as follows:

  • we comprehensively analyse the legal and factual situation of the client,
  • we carefully select the litigation tactics while taking into account the chances of winning the case and enforcing a favourable judgment, we estimate the costs of the entire proceedings,
  • we support clients in negotiations, represent them at court hearings and take an active part in enforcement proceedings,
  • we prepare any documentation necessary for a quick and effective conclusion of the dispute.