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Next to companies and disputes – our third, main specialisation. Within this specialisation, we focus on the design of the tax consequences of intended events, as well as the assessment of those already effected.

We provide tax advice on the current tax liabilities of business entities and their shareholders:

  • in local taxes and charges,
  • in income tax,
  • in value added tax,
  • in excise duties.

We combine this area of law with advice in the corporate area, so that we are able to:

  • design the tax consequences of transactions (mergers, divisions, transformations, share and asset deals, in-kind contributions, service provision arrangements),
  • take care of multi-entity structures, including groups of companies, as well as issues related to profit distribution and allocation,
  • develop internal regulations covering tax schemes,
  • create internal documentation on the prevention of “money laundering”,
  • support on foreign exchange law issues concerning cash flows between business entities and shareholders,
  • conduct due diligence on corporate and financial matters.

We do not shy away from representing our clients in proceedings before tax authorities and in administrative court proceedings. We offer legal representation in disputes with tax administration authorities before:

  • municipal tax authorities,
  • tax authorities of tax and customs administrations,
  • administrative courts of first and second instance.

We assist with criminal and economic cases arising from:

  • Accounting Act (Articles 77-79 of the Accounting Act),
  • foreign exchange law (penal fiscal + non-code);
  • settlement of tax debts (penal fiscal and criminal);
  • other duties regulated by the Penal Fiscal Code.